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The Benefits of Energetic, Qigong and Neigong Practices

A peaceful mind is conducive to the health of your body, from bones to organs. A body in harmony is in favour of a healthy mind. Through the practice of qigong, we learn how to balance the flow of qi energy continually and optimising its health benefits for our minds and bodies.



Through the long history of practice by the ancient Chinese, qigong exercises comprise gentle movements that cultivate qi energy in the body to balance or release any accumulated tension and blockages in muscles, tendons and organs.

This then enhances the function of one’s entire health system, and in turn, one’s overall health. Coupled with inner energy arts, the physical movements of qigong will allow you to activate energy channels in your body and strengthen your physical condition.


When your qi is flowing in a balanced manner through your every meridian, then your body, mind and soul are synced in harmony. It does not only speak of your health, but it also reflects your states of feeling; well, content and lively, you are likely to be happy from within. However, when your meridians tighten and block the flow of qi energy in your body, your spirits are more likely to be distracted by negative thoughts derived from stress and anxieties.

Through the practice of qigong, you can better maintain the flow of qi and balance of emotions. Breaking through energy blockages with the motions of qigong will help you relieve challenging emotions.


As qigong promotes better blood circulation and helps regulate hormones regularly, the practice of qi helps maintain the amount of collagen in your bones and defy signs of ageing. Over time, qigong aids in building the foundation of bone health.

Moreover, there are specific movements that are designed to strengthen the joints and bones, prevent injuries from falls and arrest arthritis. The motions of qigong stretch the ligaments that connect the bones and encourage the lubricating synovial fluids in joints. In other words, the gentle exercise of qi enables our bodies to work like a well-oiled machine.


The Benefits of Qigong and Neigong

Qigong reveals a wide array of health benefits to all practitioners, from keeping the tiniest nerves in our bodies in balance to strengthening the big, overall skeleton body strong and intact. Like the Chinese proverb says, a little goes a long way. Adding a simple qigong set to your regular exercise routine lets you gain lifelong and immediate benefits. 


  • Building a healthy physical body

  • Accumulating and harnessing your energy

  • Improving the immune system 

  • Strengthening the joints and bones

  • Speeding up recovery times, from illness to injuries

  • Clearing and calming your mind 

  • Enjoying a good night’s sleep

  • Harmonising your emotions

  • Balancing your hormone levels

  • Restoring internal systems and organs to their optimal state

  • Elevating your ability to meditate and grow spiritually

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