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We offer different meditations styles, ancient forms of qigong and neigong from China, and energetic practices from European and Peruvian traditions. The key is to learn the skill to work with your own energy and body. In addition, to strengthening your physical health, you will be training to enhance your emotional well-being and mental clarity. Please scroll down to see the different classes offered.

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 “气 功 ”

In Chinese, qi means life energy, whereas gong denotes work. Together, the two characters translate the meaning of energy work. According to Chinese traditions, qi works throughout all of nature as the soul of all force, motion and energy. In ancient Chinese medicine, it is an established principle that the qi guides the blood in the body. This means that regular practice of qigong promotes the flow of qi, and in turn, better blood circulation and overall wellness of the body.

Through different sets of movements and stances, some tracing back over 3,000 years, Qigong and Neigong teaches you how to exercise in ways, which develop and strengthen your body, mind and energy.

The external postures help increase the flow of fluids, whereas the practice of internal movements, often referred to as neigong, hones the flow of qi energy from within. Over time, the combination of these external and internal techniques will allow you to eliminate any blockages in the channels of the body and regulate the functioning of various organs. 

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Whole-body breathing has been used for millennia to enhance the ability to dissolve and release energy blockages in the mind/body, enhancing well-being and spiritual awareness. Incorporating these breathing techniques into any other Taoist energy practice will help bring out its full potential.

Suitable for Beginner and All Level



Taiji Qigong Shibashi combines the beauty of Taiji (Tai Chi) movements with the healing effect of Qigong and Meditation. Simpler than Taiji, the fluid movements follow your breathing, creating a soothing sensation flowing through your body. This Qigong leaves you relaxed and fully energized in less than 20 minutes.

Taiji Qigong Shibashi is taught at Chinese Medicine University. It develops vitality and longevity in healthy people and is recommended for people suffering from hypertension, lung disease, digestive issue and back pain. It is also used to support patients during Cancer treatments. (Source

Suitable for All Level.

Acupuncture old book


Dragon and Tiger Qigong is one of the most direct and accessible low-impact qigong healing methods that China has produced. This 1,500 years old form of medical qigong affects the human body in a manner similar to acupuncture. Its seven simple movements can be done by virtually anyone, whatever their age or state of healing. 

These movements are easy to learn, require a relatively small commitment—just 15 minutes per day—and produce long-lasting health benefits. Dragon and Tiger Qigong’s gentle movements are especially beneficial for the joints, increasing the range of movement, especially in the upper body.


Dragon and Tiger Qigong create three major changes in the body:

1. Releases stagnant chi and improve over all flow

2. Balances body energies by increasing speed, strength, and chi and fluid circulation

3. Raises energy levels, giving a boost to the body’s natural healing capacities 

Suitable for Beginner and All Level.

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Energy Gates™ Qigong and Neigong is a 3,000-year-old self-healing qigong (chi gung) system from China. This qigong practice is for those who are serious about learning tai chi, qigong or any form of energy work.

Energy Gates Qigong is a part of the core qigong program because it teaches the fundamentals of how to activate and harness chi, your life-force energy, to improve health, reduce stress and reverse the effects of aging. 

Energy Gates Qigong will help you integrate and practice components of internal power, known as neigong, such as breathing, alignments, weight shifts, spine activation, and dissolving. You won’t find a more efficient qigong set for going internal, releasing your nerves and boosting your energy than what Energy Gates Qigong offers in just six exercises. Practicing Energy Gates Qigong can increase your health and vitality,  while building a stronger, more connected body.

Suitable for Beginner and All Level.



Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong is a 3000 years old qigong set that helps heal back and spine problems and is especially effective for mitigating repetitive stress injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel. You learn to pulse joints (open and close) without muscular tension and more complex Longevity Breathing techniques.

Heaven and Earth Qigong provide a real taste of what tai chi can do for you without the time investment tai chi requires. This simple, repetitive exercise is great for getting your chi moving.

Heaven and Earth Qigong has the signature internal work of Taoist chi arts yet the exercises are easy enough to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Heaven and Earth exemplifies how qigong can:

  • Open up your mind to entirely new possibilities

  • Challenge you internally 

  • Keep you from getting bored with practicing

Suitable: Intermediate and Advance Level. (Beginner with specific problem such as arthritis may find this set useful)



Immortal Cloud Play, more commonly known as Gods Playing in the Clouds is the oldest of the neigong sets. It is said to have come out of the Kunlun mountains 5000 years ago.

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong is an advanced program incorporating some of the oldest and most powerful Taoist rejuvenation techniques. This program amplifies all the physical, breathing and energetic components learned in earlier qigong programs and completes the process of integrating all 16 neigong.

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong is the only qigong program that Taoist Lineage Master, Liu Hung Chieh, practiced daily to enhance his personal longevity after the age of fifty.

Energizing and Strengthening: Practicing the movements from Gods Qigong can make your bones stronger, cleanse your emotional body of negative energy, open and stabilize your heart center and central energy channel, release spiritual blockages and energize the brain.

Advanced Energetics: Gods Qigong amplifies all the physical, breathing and energetic components of the Energy Arts core qigong programs and completes the process of integrating all the components of neigong. It is also the final stage of learning to strengthen and balance the energies of your three tantiens, central channel, and spine.

Bridge to Meditation: Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong also serves as a spiritual bridge to Taoist meditation.

Suitable for Intermediate and Advance Level. 

Yoga at Home


This course is a five-session, 10hrs, course that aims to help you work on and activate your natural energetic currents and state which will enhance your protection, stability, and physical connection. This can aid your ability to feel more energised,  more at ease and comfortable within yourself and your environment. 

Students can add in the additional space clearing and empowerment once they complete this course.

Please see Space Clearing and Empowerment Section for more information. 

Yoga Mats


Combining gentle postures and breathing techniques progressively opens the body’s energy channels, activating and strengthening the flow of qi. This set is particularly good for those who want to open the channels so they can sit longer and to prepare for the lotus seated meditation practice. 


Suitable for all levels.

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