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Financial Consultant (GOCO Hospitality)

Gib is a truly fantastic teacher and healer and I feel incredibly fortunate to have met her. She introduced me to the energy art of Qi Gong and I am becoming more and more eager to progress with every class that she teaches. What I particularly like in her approach is that she really adapts and customizes her teaching to my level of practice, and helps me to structure classes according to what she feels is best for me. In addition, given that she is continuously deepening her own practice, her classes are always different and open up endless horizons of learning and progress. 

Qi Gong has positively impacted my life in all aspects and I can only thank Gib for that.


Broker and Business Owner

Gib is a generous, kind, friendly and fantastic teacher. In the beginning, I just wanted to try qigong as I barely knew anything about it. But then, I became a regular student in her group class and now, I am doing private classes to learn how I can heal my injured neck. I used to live with neck pain. However, I’m feeling much better after my qigong learnings with Gib.

She is a patient teacher who pays a lot of attention detail to her students. I love her classes. Not only are they good for calming my mind and training my physical body, the classes have also allowed me to grow friendships. I feel good every time I attend my qigong classes as I am surrounded by healthy and supportive individuals. Gib and other students all share the same goal, which is balancing and living life to the fullest with positivity. 

I’d strongly recommend her qigong class, as everyone could benefit from learning this art. Love you Gib. Appreciate your time.

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Sales & Marketing Director / Export Manager

I read somewhere–and I swear this wasn't a Pinterest quote (although there's absolutely nothing wrong with reading quotes on Pinterest)–that "Mental health is not a destination but a process. It's about how you drive, not where you're going." 

This is the epitome of what Khun Gib has instilled in her healing techniques. I've grown to accept that living with bouts of depression, or to quote Winston Churchill, the "black dog", was going to be my truth.

One of the things that saved my life was meditation and Qigong, taught patiently and empathetically by none other than yours truly, Khun Gib. I've had the privilege of being one of her students through the years, with each class lasting no longer than 1-2 hours.

The deliberate practice and encouragement from Khun Gib has carried me through my darkest hours, and will continue to be my guiding light for years to come.

Health & Wellness Consultant

I have had the pleasure of being instructed by Gib in the past seven months in both private and group qigong seminars. She guides the class in such an encouraging manner with genuine warmth and care. She executes and shares her knowledge to all of the students in a very clear, concise, professional and compassionate direction. She is a true inspiration. I would highly recommend anyone to experience her qigong classes as they are truly grounding, bringing in inner calm.

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Hospitality Consultant and Coffee Educator

Coming from a background in yoga I was fairly certain I’d been exposed to most of the teachings I need in order to live a fully balanced life and that to simply keep up with my practice is what I needed to do.

This belief was clearly tested within minutes of my first exposure to Qi Gong with Gib as I was able to get a clear glimpse of the great potential these practices can bring and how precious this knowledge is.

Qi Gong suffers from the issue of ineffability as it is so difficult with words to convey the depth of the experience, what can be spoken of however is the effectiveness of the teaching method which shows how extremely complex processes can be learned when broken down intelligently, and how a teacher can be most efficient with a casual yet precise approach.

Gib’s teaching style in itself beautifully incorporates the valuable lessons found in the practice: with a strong foundation and structure, it provides an effective step-by-step approach, it is always relaxed yet perfectly effective, and it is flexible in its personalized application unique to each student. Since discovering this practice I am everyday inspiring myself by the lessons of Qi Gong in and I am constantly looking up to Gib as a role model for how I strive to be as a teacher.

Chi-Kung Instructor and Massage Therapist
(Owner of Shell Therapy - Body Mind Wellness)

Gib is a gifted teacher. Not only is she approachable and friendly, but she also really knows her subject well! Evidently, she is passionate about her work. Her workshop was interesting, informative and powerful — even at my basic beginner level. I admired her skills and teachings in a dynamic group setting, where she tunes in with intuition and tailors her classes to ensure that she reaches every individual. It was a fantastic day.
I’m grateful.



Qi Gong has become a foundation of my days since I start practicing 2 years ago.  In particular, it's helpful to think about it from two perspectives: Physical and Mental.

Physical: You learn how to correctly align your weight so that it gravity falls directly through the middle of your body.  I have been able to lift 10% more weights just from correct alignment, in a way very different to how my personal trainers of taught me.  In particular, personal trainers typically use visual cues see as indications of wrong form.  However, with Qi Gong, you actually feel the alignment within your muscles and joints.  

Mental: The more you understand how your body tenses, relaxes, the more you apply this into other spheres of life as well.  You understand how emotions swell and shrink, how ideas spark and pass out of your mind.  It helps you accept reality that you cannot change and rally energy to areas that you can.

Gib is a particularly patient instructor.  She helps you understand that learning Qi Gong is a process, much like perfect a backhand for tennis or having perform form while swimming.  I cannot recommend her enough.


Healthy Fruit Salad


Digital Transformation Consultant

I had the chance to experience Gib's healing practices. In particular, she performed an intense traditional Chinese medicine treatment that touches on very sensitive acupuncture points. Gib created a very safe space to allow me to experience fully this healing, she accompanied and guided me step-by-step.


I am impressed by her solid knowledge of acupuncture points but I'm even more impressed by her sharp intuition that makes her healing practices so unique. I really appreciate Gib's openness and kindness. It makes it easy to open yourself, whether it is to talk about how a specific treatment felt or about your own journey. 

I've had insomnia for as long as I can remember. Acupuncture has been a game-changer for me. Trust me, life has more colors when you can sleep at night!


Following acupuncture, I decided to start learning Chi Gong with Gib. Chi Gong is a perfect complement to my current practice of yoga and meditation and I am so grateful to have integrated it in my life. Gib is a great teacher and working with her helped me not only learning Chi Gong but also to deepen my practice of meditation. Thank you Gib!


Model and Writer

Gib is an intuitive and skilled healer. I’ve taken a class of qi gong over zoom with her. It was for my online community during lockdown. We all felt the ball of energy between our hands. It was really something!

I’ve also had acupuncture with her in person. She is skillful and knowledgeable. Most recently my mom and I had a remote healing session to help with her cancer recovery. My mom said that she felt energized. I felt much more relaxed.

I hurt my arm before the session. But the day after the session it was fine and I was able to do more gardening work. Usually, if I have muscle soreness it lasts more than a day. It was like a guided meditation, empowering me to channel healing light to my mom.

Gib has a unique talent for understanding what her patients are experiencing. She’s able to hold space and guide in a protective and calm way. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for support on their healing journey.

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Energy Worker

I had the pleasure of working with Gib recently.


We met through our shared interest in energy clearing and journeyed through a parts (subpersonalities) therapy session together.


I can agree with others' testimonies here; Gib is a gifted, gentle, and balanced therapist. I felt safe being held in her energetic hands, and this is not a common theme for me.

With a history of C-PTSD, it is foundational for me before starting any sort of healing work, to feel a high degree of safety in my environment. Gib held space and guided me in a way that allowed me deep and profound healing.

I would highly recommend her to you.


Marketing Consultant

I had a healing acupuncture with Gib. I came in feeling abit numbed where I had a bone fracture on my right leg and just after a session I left feeling 110% better. 


The treatment was beyond my expectation where not only did my leg was healed but it also helps in rebalancing other parts of my well-being through the acupuncture points. My appetite is more balanced and I felt feeling in much better shape as a whole. 


With the extent of the knowledge and intuitions, Gib’s shown full understanding and made me feel safe and comfortable with the treatments. I would recommend Gib for her knowledge, kind gesture, and most importantly her dedication to doing healing work. I am looking forward to doing other treatments with her in due course.



Master of Manifesting

Gib and I took the same course together and I got the pleasure of working with her.  There was a particular topic I needed clarity on in my life and the space she provided when we went into my session was so powerful that I received the clarity almost instantly.


Gib's inner strength, psychic and compassionate qualities are a gift for those she works with.


Urban and Marine Researcher and Photography Artist

Gib has been a wonderful companion in my healing journey, and I am fortunate to have her as part of my support circle. Her psychic intuition, TCM knowledge, and shamanic practices have been a healing combination that I have greatly benefited from. In her qigong classes, I began to feel more embodied and grounded which are fundamental to my self-discovery. Thank you, Gib, for your kindness, wisdom, and free spirit.

Corals Under the Sea
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