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Acupuncture treatment is based on Chinese Medicine, tracing back over 3,000 years. It is based on the understanding of this cyclical flow of vital energy – also known as Qi. Each of the Five Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – represents a distinct quality of the Qi energy that is vital to the continual health and flow of nature.

The Ancient Chinese observed that just as these essential energetic qualities can be found in nature, so can they be found in every living being. By understanding the relationships of the Elements within and using them as a guide, they could discover and treat the root of a person’s illness, restoring health to the body, mind, and spirit.

Cupping, Tuina, and Herbal Therapy can also be combined with Acupuncture for the treatment.


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Ancient healing technique from the indigenous wisdom and knowledge systems of the Q'ero Paqos of the Andes of Peru. Transmission and use of these techniques were given directly by the Q'ero people. 


This method can be done both in person and at distance online.

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This session is aim to help you clear, reset and empower the energy of your house, office, and other spaces. The method is a combination of empowerment energetic work with some basic Fengshui. 


Please kindly email us with the information and space you need to work on. We will let you know if we can assist you. 

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Therapy that is based upon self-empowerment and the knowledge that we all have within us the understanding of what for better health and wellness.


This method is a combination ancient energy work focusing on the aspect of your "spiritual" being in your physical body to combining with the more modern scientific approach of Transformative Psychotherapy, such as the Internal Family System.


Included in this method are also Ancestral Healing and Integrating Subpersonalities Therapy.

This method can be done both in person and at distance online.

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Bioqr™ is human bioenergy-assisted immune therapy. The basis of Bioqr™ therapy is immune system stimulation and modulation with human bioenergy generated bioelectromagnetic field.

(Source: Biotherapy Asia Ltd. Co. ).

This is Complementary Medicine Therapy and is focused on the mechanics of the body with a scientific approach. Therefore this therapy is not for a spiritual purpose but focuses the physical recovery.

The therapy works on a one-on-one basis and is also very effective in a group setting. This method can be done both in person and at distance online. (Please note at the moment only in-person one-on-one service is being provided)

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